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ERA-NET CRUE: Press release 17 April 2007

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The flooding ERA-Net (CRUE) launches first phase of research database

The Hague (Netherlands) – The CRUE ERA-Net today launched a powerful new information resource (CRUISE) that gives users instant access to the results of flooding research programmes worth more than €430 million. Until now there has been no one-stop-shop for European countries to exchange relevant research experience on flood risk management.

CRUISE (CRUe Information System Europe) provides a web-based starting point for users interested in finding out more about European flood-related research, both at the research programme level and ultimately the individual project level. CRUISE is intended to be beneficial to a broad range of users, including policy-makers, practitioners, research funders, and the research community.

CRUISE allows the user to search for flood-related information on three different levels across Europe - research programmes, funding bodies and research units. The database provides users with the opportunity to summarise key information on selected research programmes, for example programme budget, research needs, or funding body characteristics. It provides extensive contacts details and links to relevant organisations’ websites.

Currently, the database comprises detailed information about more than 30 research programmes (worth more than €430 million), 60 funding bodies and about 300 organisations involved with flood risk management research.

Speaking at an international CRUE workshop in The Hague that brings together the policy and research communities in flood risk management, Dr Sebastian Catovsky, CRUE Project Co-ordinator said:

“CRUISE provides an accessible gateway for anyone interested in finding out more about flood-related research across Europe. It will encourage greater integration of flood-related research across Member States and closer links between policy-makers, practitioners and the research community.“

The CRUE Project is co-ordinated by the UK’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

Notes to Editors

1. CRUISE can be accessed from http://www.crue-eranet.net/cruise.asp
Press enquiries to Dr Jule Harries, CRUE Dissemination Officer, +44-20-7238-6101, info@crue-eranet.net; technical enquiries to Andreas Pichler, +43-1-71100-7252, andreas.pichler@lebensministerium.at

2. The vision of the ERA-NET CRUE project – which is an funding initiative within the Sixth EU Framework Programme – is to accomplish the integration, consolidation and dissemination of research work and its results in the field of flood risk management in Europe and to implement them on institutional level across the 11
European partner countries. CRUE is the acronym for “Coordination de la Recherche sur la gestion des inondations financée dans l’Union Européenne” (Coordination of the research financed in the European Union on flood management).

3. Currently ERA-NET CRUE consists of partners (organisation name in brackets) from Austria (BMLFUW), England (Defra), Finland (SYKE), France (MEDD), Germany (BMBF, PTKA-WTE, FZJ-PTJ), Hungary (VKK), Italy (APAT), The Netherlands (V&W), Poland (MSHE), Scotland (SE-ERAD) and Spain (MEC). Defra (England) is the Project Co-ordinator.

4. CRUISE has been developed by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management (BMLFUW) with assistance from all CRUE partners. The Austrian Federal Research and Training Centre for Forests, Natural Hazards and Landscape (BFW) is responsible for the technical implementation.

5. The international CRUE workshop in The Hague (The Netherlands) aims to establish a shared research agenda for flood risk management in Europe over the next 5 – 10 years. The workshop provides an important forum for policy-makers, research managers and researchers to work together on their shared research needs in flood risk management. In detail, the workshop will

Examine the principal policy issues that should shape European research on flooding, including implications of the EU Floods Directive

Share the results of existing ongoing research programmes on flood risk management across Europe

Develop a vision for common research needs in flood risk management for the European Research Area over the next 5 – 10 years

Look at ways to improve integration of European research on flooding into the policy-making process and improve links with other national and international research programmes


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