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Britain's top leather goods brand Mulberry,whose founder Roger Saul,since the 1970 establishment of the Kingdom Mulberry leather in Somerset countryside,has been the UK's most innovative avant-garde style of senior leather.

Mulberry specializes in leather products from Mulberry superb craftsmen located south west of England within the factory building,combined with practical,original and leather touch,ingenious and creative design beautiful style escape other brands,to the classic antique style,commodities thick and strong smell of leather,extensive use of metal rivets and buckling,old copper metal parts,it can not help but think of the medieval period in Europe,a little simple,innocent and dreamy knight castle,this is the shoddy secondary products can not easily imitate legend.Since special attention to the material,so the same section of the handbags in different leather production,showing a flavor are not the same,like the exotic Congo leather,rough Scotchgrain leather,and high-quality fine British Matt glove leather,durability of course,regardless of origin,but with a different dye,anyone can find the most suitable colorants,as if tailor-made general,so many fashionable men and women is difficult to resist its charm

2015 spring and summer series of classic mulberry handbags from mulberry style based utility,additional lime colors,soft pink, lotus root starch color like handbags bring more fresh and natural style outfit. In addition,simple and elegant style shoulder bag diagonal 2way is some unique style, a blend of design and package surface modified animal pattern leather strap rivet,so this package is more of a type atmosphere

Why mulberry handbag so renowned internationally?High quality and fine craftsmanship mulberry determines its position in the lap of luxury,therefore,so nothing can hinder mulberry outlet

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