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CRUE ERA-NET aims to introduce structure within the area of European Flood Research by improving co-ordination between national programmes. The vision for the CRUE ERA-NET action on flooding is to develop strategic integration of research at the national funding and policy development levels within Europe to provide knowledge and understanding for the sustainable management of flood risks.


CRUE research was perfomed in 35 case studies. An interactive map with case study factsheets and a list of deliverables can be retrieved here:
Click here to view interactive map and list of deliverables

Seven research projects were funded within the 2nd Era-Net CRUE funding initiative between 2009 and 2011. These have generated new knowledge, approaches and methods to enhance community resilience to flooding. Detailed information can be found here:

Click here to view Final Reports.

The projects also contributed to the NHESS Special Issue "Flood resilient communities managing the consequences of flooding".
Click here to view the NHESS Special Issue CRUE contributions

In addition, a Scientific Coordination Project was funded to facilitate scientific exchange and to disseminate its results. A synthesis of the results and recommendations of the seven research projects is available here:

Click here to view Synthesis Report (pdf file)

For a quick insight to innovative methods, 33 CRUE method factsheets have been compiled. These can be downloaded as complete set or selected by the topics emergency planning, capacity building, forecasting and warning, participation, risk communication, risk governance and risk mapping at the CRUE publications website.
Click here to view a list of CRUE method factsheets
Click here to view complete set of method factsheets (zip file)

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